Dreams Do Come Through…

When I submitted my work to the editors of the Umoja Journal in 2022, I was hopeful for the best. And the best happened. The Poetry of My Crosses, was selected for publication among the work of many other creatives across the globe. Besides that, I got the opportunity to do a local interview with Mr. Durval Malcolm on Power 106; his program features the work of Jamaicans across the diaspora. And, I did a verbal presentation of the poem.

My poem was read at an official African event. Another big win. WOW! Chills! A few things feel better than witnessing the manifestation of a dream. And there I was, grinning from ear to ear as I watched someone recite The Poetry of My Crosses. This reaffirmed for me that anything is possible. It shows the distance my voice can reach, even without me being there. It was an unexpected but well timed surprise and a strong source of encouragement.

Being an unknown author is not the most rewarding thing. But if you are like me, you do find joy in the little things like creating quotes, writing poetry, songs and the occasional novels. With every word I feel closer to unlocking my potential and fulfilling my purpose. Having a knack for this art forms, I do hope to make a career of it one day. But I know that everything takes time and so I am in no hurry. I take encouragement from the little wins and treat them like big victories. This publication signaled for me, that I am indeed on the right path. My advice for any aspiring writer is, keep honing your skills. Seek opportunities to display your art. Be thankful for the gift of words and never give up.