About Me

Addeah Palmer is a Jamaican author who lives boldly by her mission statement, “to entertain and educate
through the written and spoken words.” ‘Words’ in the form of novels, poems, quotes and songs.
Born in Hanover on April 18th, she lived most of her youthful life in Westmoreland, with her
grandmother. She attended the Torrington Basic, Unity Primary, Frome Technical High and Mannings
Schools. Always fascinated with stories of the past, she then went on to gain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in
History from the University of the West Indies.
After school, Addeah entered the corporate world but always felt that she had more to offer.
Those years of research and reading created a longing. This yearning birthed the idea that she should
focus on creating her own works, so that one day they will be read by many. And so she continued to
hone her skill, waiting to display her creative flair.
Having had many ambitions while growing up, Addeah recalls that the one thing that stayed with her has
always been becoming an author. In fact, her passion for writing began even before she has memories of
it. One of her aunts told her two stories: the first is that whenever she returned home from school, she
would drop her bag and just wrote, much to the confusion of others. The other is that she was
once asked, “Who do you love?” Addeah’s reply was, “I love my book and pencil.”
Her writing was further enhanced when she also accepted it as her purpose. She is now the author of
Macca Tree Manns and Webs, published in 2015 and 2018 respectively; they are stories set in rural
Jamaica. These books feature current happenings while offering humor and history. In 2019 she published
Gentle Reminders, which is a book of inspirational quotes, influenced by her experiences and which she
hopes will bring comfort to others on their journey.
Addeah hopes to create content that affects and brings joy to her readers because she considers them her
greatest assets. She wants to either represent their realities or take them away into fantasies. When she
isn’t writing, she is reading or debating with her daughter and light, Aarah, from whom she wants to learn
the secrets of the universe.