An Open Letter to Everyone

.…be yourself, everyone else is taken…

The twists and turns of life are to be expected. Still, one can never fully prepare himself for every eventuality. In the midst of the madness, being centered helps one to make sense of the unpredictable series of events we face every day. To be centered, one has to know who he is. But knowing who you are and staying strong to self regardless of circumstances has its challenges.

In a world where everyone wants to be someone else and everyone wants others to be like them, it is important to be confident and to surround yourself with people who celebrate you. Trying to be everything for everyone is draining; this is something I learned a few years ago. Once I realized that this was at a cost, the cost of self that is, I decided that no one would ever choose who I am but me.

One has to always be on speaking terms with himself. Drown the chatter around you and think for yourself. I realized that the people who are the loudest will leave you in times of  need, even if you acted on their advice which led you down the wrong path. Surround yourself with supportive people who you deem to be so by their actions. Being supportive doesn’t mean they will always agree with you, but they will advise and then give you the freedom to act on your own. By doing so, they give you the chance to edge closer to your truth.

Who you are is important. Don’t waste time fighting battles that do not add value to your growth. Know that even people that mean you well will at times hold you back. But continue being secured and confident in yourself. Make informed decisions and own them because not everyone you know now, will be in your life in a few years. So stop seeking too much approval and validation from others or you may never become all you can be.

To please yourself, you may have to displease others and lose a few relationships. Not simple, but true. Always keep it moving with a good attitude and shake off the negative. Once you believe in yourself and what you want for your life, be confident in your own influence and the lessons you will teach as a result. Wake up and realise your life.

‘til next time


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