The Power is Yours…

When I was younger, one of my favourite cartoons was, Captain Planet. At that young age, I was fascinated by the theme song; “Captain Planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero…” I loved the characters and how valiantly they fought to derail the plans of big corporation that constantly tried to destroy earth’s eco-systems. I especially enjoyed the heroic displays of the man himself, Captain Planet. But just in case you haven’t seen or heard of Captain Planet, let’s do a synopsis.

Earth was in peril. The spirit (mother) of the earth, named Gaia, could no longer stand the destruction plaguing the planet. She sent five magic rings to five youths (Planeteers) across five continents. The African ring had the power of earth, North American ring represented fire, Europe was wind and Asia was water. The fifth ring sent to South America represented heart. When the five powers combined, they summoned earth’s greatest champion, Captain Planet. In each episode, he made no hesitation in reminding us that, “The Power is Yours.”

The cartoon series highlighted the attempted destruction of Earth by machines and men with features of rats, snakes and pigs. Standing up against them, the Planeteers, were earth’s hope. They each controlled an element of nature. But, the most powerful force among them was heart, because without heart to link and guide them, the other powers were useless. So, together, they fought for the greater good of the whole world.

I was so intrigued by the fight of good versus evil. Now as an adult, I realized how far ahead of its time the cartoon was and more importantly, that its lessons are still relevant in today’s world. Air, water and land pollution, climate change, destruction of animals and trees in the wake of corporate greed are all present day problems. To overcome this, we (and especially the younger generation) have to realize that our world really is in danger and we can only save it by first recognizing that fact, and then work together for change. 

Another point of great relevance is that in today’s world – as in the fictional earth of Captain Planet years ago – we all have to realize that we become our best self when we learn how to live in love and peace with nature and each other. Love will always lead the way regardless of colour, class, culture or country. It is the glue and the most powerful element we will ever need to cleanse the planet we all share. Not only is the power ours, but Earth as well. With our powers combined, we can take care of each other and circuitously, ourselves.

Did you watch Captain Planet? If we are the Planeteers, then who or what would Captain Planet be? Let me know…


  1. LFW

    Captain planet rocks. He inspired us as kids to take care of our environment. I loved the planetary elements that Gaia gave to the kid-heroes; Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart. “By your power combined, I am Captain Planet” !!

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