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It has indeed been a great, long journey. When I first figured out that I wanted to be an author, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was aiming for great things and now I know it is all possible. I have achieved a lot so far and I believe I will continue to achieve things I never even dreamt of. I now realize that every obstacle I will ever face is only there to make me strong because they are a part of my path. I am poised to go beyond my wildest dreams because I believe in my heart’s desires. I am not without failures, they continue to keep me humble and my dreams keep me focused.

I continue to get great reviews for my books and though this is the response I hoped for, it still gives me a great sense of accomplishment that can’t be topped and to be honest, at times it gives me a mind spin. Thank you all for the support and to you I say, dream big, the world is yours.


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