Jamaican author Addeah Palmer

Have you ever written something you felt proud of, only to find out a day later that it wasn’t properly saved to your computer? I have. I have also waited on favourable feedback from bookstores that I hoped would sell my books, only to get a return mail that says, “We love your book, BUT…”  That BUT has the potential to do much damage to anyone’s day. I have been there. I have had them; those days when nothing seems to work and I am just defeated. On those days, I question everything and get no answers. Yes, I call them the dreadful, dark, down days. So just how do I get past these glitches? Well firstly, I am mindful of the power I have in improving my mindset and by extension, my situation. And then I do one or a combination of the following to ensure this happens.

1. I spend time with myself – I find a lot of answers in solitude. I like spending time alone to reflect and pull myself together. When people disappear, the conversations do not stop and without distractions, I am able to listen to that inner voice. In these moments I am inspired to create some of my best pieces because that voice whispers to me. So, I may spend some time in my car before heading into the office. I also wake up earlier and listen to or watch motivational videos. If I am at work, I have lunch alone. Thereafter, I always feel better, more focused and in tune with myself. When I disconnect from everything, I reconnect with clarity and my relationships are enhanced.

2. I listen to those ‘songs’ – When I am down, a great song cheers me up. Knowing this, I keep a playlist of what I call ‘fighting songs.’ I hum or sing out loud (I prefer the latter) because songs have the power to transform emotions. Sometimes I keep one on repeat because the right song changes my tune and my mood and that IS important because I want to live in each moment that I am alive. But, I am always careful in choosing the right song(s) as the wrong one(s) will sink me deeper.

3. I spend on me – I treat myself. In fact, I make it a rule to budget for the down periods because sometimes self-love costs money. I do not take it as permission for excessive retail therapy but I may get a manicure and pedicure or schedule a movie date with a friend.

4. I read a book – Great books  always crack me open and distract me from misery; after all, for everything, there is a quote, a poem or a chapter. In my uptime, I make a list of the books I ought to read in the downtime. I get swept away in a fantasy or learn something new. Either way, a good book gets me out of any funk.

5. I get over it – I think about it, cry about it, pray about it and then get over it. I never allow too much negativity or fall into depression. I recognize that it could always be worst and I remain thankful for the gift of life, even in the downtime. I replace self-defeating attitude with acclamations of self-worth. I re-channel my energy to something positive because I know this too shall pass.

We all have our moments of roller-coaster emotions. What works for me might not work for you and vice-versa. What we all need to remember is that the right attitude can do wonders for your mood.

Talk soon!


  1. Bonique

    No is also a legitimate answer… but when we hear, it we must remember that it is not unique to us… every human being have heard ‘NO’ before… as you said ‘get over it!… that is what builds passion, “know how “and inner strength… love you my dear friend….. keep on keeping on!!!

  2. chevon

    Most of us can definitely relate. I find that once we are able to find self will, to master our mind and our thoughts, we are able to overcome so much and come out stronger. Really great tips, Addeah.

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