A Jamaican Story

A Jamaican Story of Cunning and Mischief.

Webs is a riveting tale of conning, mischief and obeah. Set in rural Jamaica, it tells the story of Big Shilling, a Jamaican deportee and his friend, Knock Softly, as they work hard to get him back to the United States by whatever means necessary. Big Shilling has only two options–get back to America and live the dream life or stay in ‘Capture Land’ and continue to suffer. The former is more appealing.

Knocking heads with the wrong people means that Big Shilling is constantly looking over his shoulders. Throw obeah into the mix and his wet, weary nights in his dilapidated house turn into scary, nail-biting nights as well. Unfortunately, he has guns as well as ghosts to fear. With a friend by his side who would do almost anything for him, the men trod the journey of survival and escape together. One only knows where the road will lead.

Webs is a masterful representation of rural Jamaican culture that will transport you into the world of Big Shilling, Knock Softly and the conniving obeah man that is Thomas. Why do we only learn the hard way? Find out how hard it is for Big Shilling to learn his lessons.

This is Webs.

The Manns Family Returns.

The Manns family returned home to Macca Tree without much fanfare in the middle of the night, taking up residence in a dilapidated shack no decent member of the Westmoreland community would dare enter.

When the community members realized they had returned, they were surprised and upset that the Manns would ever set foot in Macca Tree again after what they had done. But Gloria Mann, the overbearing, money-hungry, foul-mouthed matriarch of the family would not let the disapproving chatter of the community force her to leave. She and her emasculated husband, Kenneth, and their three neglected children stayed to the dismay of the community who bore the brunt of the Manns’ quarrels, Gloria’s outbursts and their unruly children’s mischief.

In hopes of rebuilding her home to its former glory and silencing naysayers who believed the Manns to be the worst of the community, Gloria schemes with her cousin, Monica, to start a savings plan within the local church, but it all goes wrong.

Macca Tree Manns is a Jamaican novel masterfully injected with humour, authenticity and vivid imagery, and marks Addeah Palmer’s first venture into mainstream writing.




Forget the idea of dying. Forget giving in or giving up. There is no reason for self doubt and every reason to celebrate YOUR life.

If your desire is to truly live, you must understand one thing: you are no more or less than the way you think. Therefore, take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts. It is easy to give up on yourself, on life, on your passions and even God. But if you dream of LIVING and being ALIVE, then Gentle Reminders was written for YOU. 

Gentle Reminders is an awe-inspiring book with a simple mission: to create inspirational quotes for you, regardless of your circumstances. Changing your perception of life is as easy as flipping the pages of this book. Each quote is designed to give insight and act as a reminder of your awesome power. This will enable you to take small steps into yourself and create an awareness which will foster an awakening. Gentle Reminders will leave you fully satisfied because it focuses on YOU.

What is the vision for your life? What are you passionate about? What is blocking you from your dream? Allow Gentle Reminders to take you there one thought-changing quote at a time. It is a guarantee that you will witness how positive thoughts clear the path to happiness, peace and success. 


It is a very human thing to belong. So, we love ‘love’. We want love to love us back. We live for the sweet little moments that keep us smiling. Though we ‘die’, we still want that forever someone and even the thought that he exists, is comforting because it gives the hope of ‘one day…’

Still, life is unpredictable. And, at a point, we may find ourselves alone or at the ‘end’. It is important that we are reminded that ends are new beginnings and alone doesn’t always mean lonely, nor is it a bad thing. 

Blue Sun Flower is a collection of love poems about him, her and I. It is an essential collection meant to reflect and strengthen one’s love aura. The simplicity of the presentation makes it an easy, light and impressionable collection. Start reading and let us connect where it counts, in love.